What’s up, world?

headshotHi there! I’m Sam Kubota.

I’m a senior digital journalist and editor for The TODAY Show based in Los Angeles.

I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t TODAY, like, famously in New York City?”

Why yes! Starting in 2019, I was the only digital person for the show in California. Since then, we’ve expanded our staff and now several people report to me.

As the Los Angeles senior editor, I cover a lot of Hollywood, the royals, and things that happen later in the day when the NYC TODAY squad is sleeping.

On a day-to-day basis, I write and assign stories to other reporters. I also help run the TODAY social accounts. But I also can take pictures and even shoot/edit video. With my background as a digital director, I can cover breaking news, run or host a live stream on social media and gather content from folks online or work a source. I can produce a whole newscast and write a TV special. I can coordinate a forum with community leaders and make infographics.

Most importantly, I can look at the big picture, see what we’re missing and figure out just how to get it. I love to work in teams and with passionate, truthful people who love telling a good story in the best way possible.